Why nobody clicks links they receive in your emails?


A link like http://us13.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=315a1107e&id=47a6e=bdb40 makes your email instantly trashed. Why?

  • People don’t want to be tracked. Period. Especially high-level managers.
  • Recipients need a personal touch. Seeing such link tells them they are a part of 100, 1000, 10000+ email broadcast campaign. They trash automatically. “Hi [name]” for personal touch is far from enough these days.

You could write the most catching subject line, have the best product in the world and send your email to exactly right adressee, but tracking point-blank can destroy everything.

Still... you need automated tracking, because you need to know who got interested with your message. And with today’s Click Through Rates lower then 1% you need to send massive amounts to reach those, who actually do show interest.


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Suddenly we understood which investors read our emails and which don’t.
— Piotr Pawlak, CEO, Kinetise.com